The Predator: Ellen Ripley and Alien Newt landed in an alternative end

Shane Black obviously had some small surprises in stock for the end of The Predator . Yuri Everson, who worked on the visual effects of the film, posted on Instagram three photos where we discover that an alternative end was shot (but not kept in the final editing) where Ellen Ripley – yes, yes, the one Alien – wore the mask of the “Predator Killer” outfit.

Another snapshot also shows that an adult Newt accompanied him. Everson also ensures that three purposes were shot in all.

Ripley would not have been played by Sigourney Weaver but actress Breanna Watkins. It remains to be seen how the two characters could have made an appearance in The Predator : Ripley is supposed to be born in 2092 and Newt has never lived to adulthood: she died in the beginning of Alien 3.

More details will inevitably emerge in the coming weeks but it would seem that 20th Century FOX has considered a new crossover between the two horrifying franchises, eleven years after the awful Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem .

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