An almost perfect session: Earn a year of subscription to Premiere

On the occasion of the release of episode 3, Première offers you a full year of cinema.

For the release of the third episode of An almost perfect session on cursed films, we are putting a one-year subscription to Première magazine. The web series presented by the youtubeur Axel Lattuada focuses here on the curse that affects some franchises such as Superman or Terminator. To enter the contest, simply watch the video below and complete what our host Flavio says: ” Cinema is an art that … ” An opportunity to learn more about platter accidents and more damned roles that have marked the history of the seventh Art. You have until April 26 to try your luck and maybe win a whole year of free magazines.

Did you know ? As subscribers, Première readers have access to even more gifts (DVDs, movie tickets, books …), via special contests. At the moment, we’re talking about Spider Man’s DVDs and Blu-ray : New Generation , Leave No Trace, The Impossible Gone, The Spy Gone North , movie tickets for Liz and the Bluebird, and VOD codes from Everyone standing . Find all our other contests here .

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