Belgian singer Angele really doesn’t have time for sexism and she doesn’t hide it!

This morning, the young woman had the unpleasant surprise of falling on the cover of the magazine Paris Match on which she posed under a title which did not please him at all.

It was on her Instagram story that Angèle swung the magazine, she first criticized the cover of the latter: neither her cut, nor her break, her costume, the title or the color of her outfit worked for the singer .

But the worst remains to come, because Angele also wanted to clarify that nothing had been validated by her team. It was in a long text that she “signed her death warrant for Paris Match” on her story.

Her fans were quick to support their favorite singer, who has always been very committed to the cause of women, their representation and their rights.

Paris Match has not yet responded to Angele’s accusations, and memes are already starting to circulate on social networks, the title “subversive but not aggressive” as a rallying cry around the artist against the sexism of Paris Match .

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