Actress, director, mother of a tribe and philanthropist … Angelina Jolie already does a lot of things. But apparently, that is not enough for her: she is now a journalist. Time Magazine

Editor and CEO Edward Felsenthal announced yesterday that the superstar has joined the magazine team as a writer. And what will she write on?

Angelina Jolie will discuss a variety of topics, but especially one that is close to her heart: refugees.

It is a theme she is familiar with as she is the special envoy of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 2012, a UN program for which she also worked as a goodwill ambassador. for about 11 years, leading sixty field missions.

This is not the first time she has collaborated with this famous publication: last April, she wrote an article on the role of women in the promotion of peace in Afghanistan.

The actress’s papers will be published monthly on Time’s global platforms – and readers can already discover: “Angelina Jolie: What we owe to refugees” an article in which she explains that “the distinction between refugees and migrants has been blurred and politicized. ”

A new role that should fit him perfectly.

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