Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals why King Conan will be delayed

The interpreter of the famous barbarian also spoke on Terminator: Dark Fate.

The idea of ​​seeing Schwarzie bring out the loincloth and the sword for a series of Conan’s adventures no longer seems so far-fetched. In recent months, the actor and politician has shown repeated enthusiasm for revisiting the role of the king of the barbarians. Despite its excitement, the project would be stalled following unfinished negotiations. ” When someone buys the rights of a work, he wants to put his own vision in. The person who acquired the rights is a young man who is trying to make his voice heard in Hollywood and it is not a task easy, “he said in an interview with TheArnoldFans about the rights holders of the work written by Robert E. Howard in 1932.

Given these deadlines with Hollywood producers and streaming platforms like Netflix, Arnold Schwarzenegger explains that he has been trying to convince him for years to return to the winning formula of the original films.

” What you need to do is hire a talented director and make a new film where I play the role of King Conan at age 70, sick of sitting on the throne and governing and something happens next. ” , he said before speaking on the progress of the script. ” We’re not far from having a finished script, the only person who has to react is the right guy, let’s go see Netflix or whoever, let’s hire a creative filmmaker who can make this project a winning comeback.” ‘hope this will be done quickly because I think it’s a very good idea ‘.

The interpreter of Terminator also spoke about the future of the saga, whose sixth episode ( tentatively entitled Terminator: Dark Fate ) will be released on November 1st. According to the actor of Austrian origin, this new album will be a direct sequel to the second film Terminator 2: The Last Judgment and that James Cameron was very present in the creative process and filming.

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