Author Challenges Common Themes of Classic Vampire Fiction in New Book

Canterbury, Australia (PRWEB) March 13, 2014

There have been quite a number of vampire stories that have made it big both on book sales and the ticket sales as the novel smoothly transitioned into a motion picture. And because of those books and movies, readers have been inculcated with certain notions of what a vampire must look like and act. But are those really all that there is to know about them? Author Keith Greenwood challenges the norm as he presents his very own vampire story — the kind that counters a large number of themes prevalent in most of the vampire fiction stories that people have read or seen.

Greenwood’s “The Clueless Dead” follows an ordinary guy, a professional musician, but not a rock star, who has transformed into a vampire as a result of a series of coincidences. After turning, he then must deal with the consequences of having vampire powers as well as the temptations involved in possessing the ability to mentally manipulate people, besides the spiritual quandary of being a vampire and a Christian.

As most movies show people and as most books tell a vampire story using the female perspective, it shows that vampires are just good-looking man with their superhuman abilities explained to them. Greenwood’s tale is the exact opposite of all these common themes. In his story, the vampire must learn all that there is to know of all his new ‘vampiric’ state and deal with the struggles and conflicts that go with it — all on his own.

Thrilling and emotionally appealing, this new tale seeks to open readers’ eyes not only to the physical changes of the ‘undead’ but to the other aspects and struggles of being “The Clueless Dead.”

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About the Author

Keith Greenwood was born in 1985. He has a bachelor’s degree in creative arts (creative writing) and also a bachelor’s degree in arts history from Wollongong University. The first novel he ever read was the Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. He reads multiple genres of fiction. Greenwood has written short stories and plays and performs with local theatre groups. He began writing “The Clueless Dead” in 2010 to explore aspects of vampirism he felt had been ignored or not looked at from different perspectives. He suspects that he might go crazy if he didn’t spend so much time writing.

The Clueless Dead * by Keith Greenwood

Publication Date: February 11, 2014

Trade Paperback; AU$ 29.99; 178 pages; 9781493137497

Trade Hardback; AU$ 49.99; 178 pages; 9781493137503

e-book; AU$ 3.99; 9781493137510

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