Awakening of the Titans, the (almost) perfect ending of Troll Hunters (review)

The great animated saga of Guillermo Del Toro on Netflix finds in this ultimate film a pleasurable, spectacular and even daring conclusion …

The Trollhunters saga is undoubtedly one of Netflix’s great success stories. Since the launch of Season 1 of Troll Hunters in 2016, the mythology of Tales of Arcadia has only grown year after year, with aliens, wizards, gods … and many Moreover. After three series, six seasons and 88 episodes in all, the mission of Awakening the Titans was ambitious to say the least: succeed in putting an end to this dantesque franchise … in 1h40! A mission brilliantly accomplished by Guillermo del Toro and the Dreamwoks team. This concluding film – which releases this Wednesday on Netflix – offers a fantastic ending to Jim Dulac and his gang of Trolls.

Not completely perfect after all. For more than an hour, the scenario seems lazy and lacks ambition. We are witnessing a stack of heroes and a succession of quests, which are struggling to find the binder. A flaw inherent in the will of writers and producer Del Toro to bring back ALL the characters from Trollhunters, 3Below and Wizards . Yet, as if by magic, everyone ends up finding their place. Even if Jim remains the main Paladin of the adventure, the supporting roles all have the opportunity to shine. Including the fabulous Toby, who brings a welcome dose of humor.

But what we will especially remember from this Awakening of the Titans is the sumptuous realization of the DreamWorks Animation studio. The film is endowed with enchanting beauty, breathtaking colors and breathtaking action sequences. Evidenced by the formidable wink to the Pacific Rim of Guillermo Del Toro , when Varvatos arrives with his “Gun Robot” to face the terrible Titan of fire in Hong Kong Bay … A fight that has nothing to envy to the one Jaegers against the Kaijus!

The idea of ​​a great, breathtaking family show was very clearly the line of conduct of the directors of this conclusion of Tales of Arcadia , whose story boils down to stopping the three Gods of the Arcane Order, at the origin of the creation of the Earth and who intend to start all over again, this time erasing humanity, which did not take enough care of it (little ecological message not too complicated by the way). 

But that was without counting on the boundless imagination of the creators of Trollhunters . As if to pay homage to 5 years of creative magic, the last quarter of an hour has overturned the table. Suddenly, The Awakening of the Titansdare. And ignites us. The saga ends in an incredible way with a metaphysical end full of daring. The kind that might make a lot of toothache and that won’t be easy to explain to your kids … but one that will make Trollhunters a long history!

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