Ben Affleck does not rule out making a DC comics movie

Even if it will not finally be on The Batman.

A few weeks ago, Ben Affleck confirmed that he will no longer play the Black Knight. The Batman , directed by Matt Reeves, will be done without him and the actor confessed to have ” tried to make the film. I worked with a very good scriptwriter, but I did not manage to develop the right version. So it was time to let someone else try. Very good people are working on it . “

But that does not mean that Affleck lets the DC film universe fall completely. In an interview with LadBible , he explains that it would be ” certainly strange ” that he ” embodies another character. But I can certainly imagine making a film, if DC ever wants me and it’s a project that fascinates me. I do not shut the door on anything, it’s just that I could not find the way I wanted to do the next Batman movie. So I let someone else try his luck . “

This suggests that relations between Warner Bros and Affleck are still in good shape. It remains to find the project that will make him want to achieve a blockbuster more than 200 million dollars.

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