Bestselling Author Jackie Collins Discusses her Unfinished Memoir and Other New Books on Maria Menunous’ Podcast, Book Circle Online

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

Jackie Collins is one of the best-selling authors of all time. She has sold over 500 million and her recently published book, Confessions of a Wild Child, has just become her 30th book on the Best Sellers list. Jackie Collins appeared on Extra host Maria Menunous’ podcast Book Circle Online, where she was interviewed by Jeffrey Masters. During the interview, Collins discussed the memoir that she’s writing, the next book in the Santangelo series, and teases casting for the movie version.

Jackie Collins is working on a memoir titled, Reform School or Hollywood. She says, “Don’t move b—- or I’ll blow your f—ing head off.” That’s the opening line of my autobiography. It was said to me by a masked bandit about 10 years ago. He was masked and he had an Uzi about 2 inches from my nose.” She says that people don’t know much about her personal life, and talks about her first marriage: “My husband was a drug addict. I had to deal with that when I was a teenager, had a child, and it was not easy.”

Collins says that her new book already has a movie deal and teases what will happen in the follow-up book that she is already working on for Confessions of a Wild Child. She says, “It has a movie deal and they want me to write the script…I’m writing The Santangelos now. It’s going to be a nice, big, epic book about The Santangelo family. I’m going to bring all the characters back in it.”

Collins is also working on a photo book of celebrities. She says, “I’m doing a book of photos called Jackie Collins: Hollywood Snaps. I’ve been taking photos ever since I arrived in Hollywood as a teenager…I’m opening it with a photo that I took of my sister, Joan Collins and Warren Beatty when they were engaged.”

Collins talks about casting the film and says, “If I made a movie about Lucky as she is today, it would be Angelina Jolie, but as a teenage Lucky, I’m going to do a big search for the perfect Lucky …And I want to bring Vincent Irizarry back to play Gino again because he looks exactly the same as when we did the miniseries.”

Collin’s has The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook coming out in April and says, “They are my own recipes and drinks. Great drinks! There’s the Jackie Collins, created for me by Wolfgang Puck.”

Collin reveals what she thinks she was in her past life and says, “I think that in another life – I’m going to sound very Shirley MacLaine – I was either a panther, or I was a black male soul singer, or I was Italian.”

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