It’s confirmed ! Bey will be in the cast of the live action remake of King Lion, Disney’s hit cartoon.

After Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and the overwhelming success of Beauty and the Beast, the Disney firm has once again chosen to modernize one of the great success stories in its history under the direction of New York director Jon Favreau.

3D images and actors in flesh and bone, here is the recipe for these new creations that delight young and old today.

The rumor had been heard for a few months that the American star could participate in this brand new Lion Lion beautiful. So it was not a rumor … The popstar will play Nala alongside, among others, Donal Glover (Simba) and Seth Rogen (Pumbaa). And who will be responsible for playing the evil Scar? This role was attributed to Siwetel Ejiofor, who had been seen in the magnificent Twelve Years A Slave.

Queen Bey can also be expected to sign the film’s soundtrack, due out in 2019.

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