Bond 25: actress Lashana Lynch would be the new agent 007

The franchise shakes up the codes for Daniel Craig’s latest film.

British actress Lashana Lynch, recently seen as a pilot and friend of Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel , will be introduced as Agent 007 in the upcoming James Bond directed by Cary Fukanaga , on a screenplay by Phoebe Walter-Bridge , currently in short shooting. Those who feared that the famous secret agent changes sex or becomes black are doubly served. But that does not (yet) mean that James Bond is a woman. 

First of all, the information comes from the Daily Mail and it must be taken with tweezers. According to the source quoted by the English tabloid, Daniel Craig left the MI6 at the beginning of the film, and if it is still James Bond, so it is Lashana Lynch, 31, who has recovered the number icon. A sequence called ” key scene to knock down his popcorn ” by the insider. Of course, Bond is coming out of retirement and will stay at the heart of the action. But not everything will happen as usual. 

The source continues: ” Bond, of course, is sexually attracted by the new 007 and is testing his usual seduction techniques, but to their utter astonishment they do not work on this young and brilliant black woman who is completely insensitive to her charms. is a contemporary Bond that will speak to the new generation while remaining true to all that is expected of a James Bond movie. “BOND 25: CHRISTOPH WALTZ BACK AS BLOFELD

Speculation about Daniel Craig’s estate has been going strong for the last few years, and Idris Elba recently went offside, angered by racist comments accompanying rumors about his casting as James Bond. Is the introduction of Lashana Lynch a way to test the audience? Or simply a provocation tinged with English humor? This would fit well with the modern and incisive style of Phoebe Walter-Bridge, the creator of Fleabag , who is in charge of writing the film. 

” Lashana is absolutely brilliant and Phoebe’s script is fine and funny, as you might expect, this Bond pays tribute to some of the first films with a lot of humor, ” says the source of the Daily Mail, while ensuring that the fundamentals of the saga will be there: ” There are scenes of pursuit and fight spectacular, and Bond is still Bond except that he must learn to live in the world of #MeToo “.

Bond 25 , which must be Daniel Craig’s latest film, does not have an official title yet. It will be released in France on April 8, 2020. 

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