He was thought to be lovingly married. But it is not so! Booba has just revealed to his fans that he is single and never intends to get married.

It is following the diffusion of a video posted by the boxer Patrice Quarteron, with whom it is covered for a long time, that the admirers of Booba discovered the infidelities of the rapper’s wife. In this one, we can see Patricia, the mother of her children, kissing another man.

So we waited for an angry reaction … She quickly arrived, but not as expected:

As you can read in the caption of this muscular photo, the king of French Hip-Hop would not be in a couple for two years, and would never have intended to go through the town hall.

The interpreter of OKLM can in any case rejoice about another file: Rohff and his acolytes were found guilty in the assault of one of the employees of his shop. Five years in prison for a violent attack with premeditation.

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