Box office report: 'Frozen' freezes the latest 'Paranormal Activity' out of

Box office report: 'Frozen' freezes the latest 'Paranormal Activity' out of
For the last half-decade, Paramount has been wringing this series for all its worth—Paranormal Activity 5 hits theaters this October—and the returns appear to be diminishing. Moviegoers also seem to be growing a bit tired of the movies' limited bag …
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New releases: 'Top of the Lake' starring Elisabeth Moss out on DVD
The twist is that Oppenheimer allows these now-past-middle-age men to reenact their crimes in the style of the old Hollywood movies they love; and in the process, these ruthless killers who've spent decades justifying their misdeeds are forced to …
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Ghosts, Gangsters, Graves and James Franco in This Week's New Movies [Video]
Having dried up the device whereby nothing happens until the final four frames, this latest episode, the fifth, appears to have drawn on the found footage techniques developed in the recent VHS series of movies as well as other more traditional devices.
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