Box office US July 14: Spider-Man: Far from Home remains in the lead

The new Spider-Man is already approaching $ 850 million in global revenue. (Source: The French Film)

A quiet weekend in the United States. Spider-Man: Far from Home keeps its leading position despite a 50% drop in revenue compared to its start last week: the second Spidey with Tom Holland solo (and 23rd film Marvel Cinematic Universe) reports 45 , 3 million for his second weekend. Its US total rises to 274.5 million … and its global total to 847 million! In China, the film has brought in $ 166 million. It is already the fourth biggest success of the year 2019, behind Aladdin and its 960 million. The world’s top 5 consists of four Disney films ( Avengers: Endgame , Captain Marvel , Aladdin and Toy Story 4), and that Spider-Man that Disney shares with Sony. And it’s not over: next Friday, The Lion King new version comes out in the US and should also reach record highs.

Toy Story 4 remains in second place, as last week, and earns $ 20.6 million to reach an American total of $ 346.3 million. This is the second biggest card of the franchise behind Toy Story 3 … if we do not take into account inflation: in this case, it is “only” the third biggest success.

A novelty returns directly in third position to nibble the feet of the Disney giants: Crawl , distributed by Paramount, is the new film of the French Alexandre Aja ( The Hill has eyes , Piranha 3D ). Kaya Scodelario faces alligators in a house flooded by a storm. The reviews are very good, and the film brings in $ 12 million at startup, which is just fair compared to its estimated $ 13 million budget.

Another novelty, but whose performance is less successful: the action comedy Stuber , buddy movie where a driver Uber (Kumail Nanjiani seen in The Big Sick ) and a tough cop (Dave Bautista) team up. Distributed by the Fox (so by Disney), Stuber only returns $ 8 million at startup, half of its budget estimated at $ 16 million …

Finally, Universal continues to believe in Yesterday by adding 141 additional rooms in the third week. Danny Boyle’s comedy is worth $ 6.7 million, for an American total of 48.3 million (world total: 80.5 million). For a budget of 26 million, that’s fine, and we think we hear again about the authors of the soundtrack of the film, an English group called the Beatles.

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