In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor admitted that he did not intend to campaign for the Oscars for his role in the new Tarantino Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood and in Ad Astra by James Gray .

“I will abstain. I mean, you never know, and it’s always nice when your number comes out. But the goal is that the film works, that it to people even if it’s now or in 10 years. I find that chasing after that does not serve the purity of the story. He  explains.

The performance of the actor was applauded by critics in both films, and especially in the new Tarantino, his second collaboration with the director after Inglorious Basterds in 2009, which marked his great return to the cinema for two years.

Although many believe that Brad Pitt could be nominated for the supporting role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor has also been hailed by his role as Roy McBride in Ad Astra.

James Gray also explained to EW that Pitt understood “completely” the character of McBride and showed a real talent during this performance.

“In some ways, because he’s a star, Brad’s game is underrated. Controlling a performance while conveying the ideas and emotions needed for the film is, in my opinion, as difficult as anything else. “ He said about Pitt.

“By the way, I’m not talking about him in Quentin’s movie, which I think is great, but sometimes a brilliant performance can lead us to make some very obvious choices. “

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