Britney Spears was hospitalized for a broken foot after a dance movement that apparently went wrong!

Britney’s boyfriend Sam Ashghari shared photos of the star in the hospital on his Instagram page, revealing that the star has a fracture of the  ‘group of five long bones in the foot, located between the tarsal bones of the back and midfoot and the phalanges of the toes. “

Of the posted photos, so you can see Britney lying in the emergency room with a cast on foot, on which the word ” strongest “  was written.

Captioned the photos on Instagram, Sam wrote,

“When you break something, it tends to heal stronger especially when it comes to my girlfriend.” My lioness broke the metatarsal bone at the foot while doing what she likes, dancing. “

He continued:

” I wish him the best recovery so she can jump, run and move his buttocks dancing #stronger “

The photos show cheerful Britney as she sits on a hospital bed in dress.

It is not known how long her recovery will last, but photos have surfaced online showing Britney walking in a boot, which could indicate that the accident may have happened last week.

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