Captain America: Civil War, Marvel at its best

Our opinion on the latest super-movie Disney / Marvel: hearty but a little fat.

On Sunday evening, TF1 will broadcast Captain America 3 for the first time in the clear, just before the release of Avengers Endgame at the cinema. Here is the criticism of Première , published in 2016.

Following the Soldier of the Winter (often considered as the best film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in Première we do not agree so much ), Civil War is especially an Avengers 3 which does not say its name as it crystallizes all the issues of the MCU (the test of a team of superhumans), together cast in support (there is everyone except Hulk, Thor and Loki). After an Ultron Era crushed by his ambition and unable to climb again the heights of the first Avengers (lightness pop, finesse of writing), Civil Warstill tries the popular entertainment combo / smart story. We know what we think here ofBatman V Superman: The Dawn of justiceThe film is too long (2h27) and would have deserved many scissors, but the emotion is there, carried by the always perfect game of Chris Evans, hiding to cry a lost love and carrying a coffin to the sound of the Requiem of Faure. Team Chris. but we will not compare as the two films are different. The Dawn of Justiceis the second film of theDC Universe. Civil Waris thethirteenthfilm of the MCU. We know each character. We care about them.

Long live the war

We have been promised war and we have it. Full mouth. The airport scene is a veritable super heroic orgy, which Marvel has done best in terms of magnitude since the Battle of New York in Avengers in 2012. Twelve superheroes mano a mano on the tarmac of a German airport. It’s amazing. In both camps led by Iron Man and Cape, each character has his reason to be there, his reason to fight. Each weapon pass, hyper written, is of exemplary readability. As a whole, the enjoyable sequence is the narrative and visual climax of Civil War. We can literally see animated pages of the Silver Age comics on the big screen. The rest of the action is just as exemplary: the battle of Lagos opening, the escape of a building by Cape and the Winter Soldier (with loans to The Raid ), the final duel … Scenes of action coolissimes that owe much to the talent of veteran second-team director Spiro Razatos, already at work on Expendables , the last three Fast & Furious and The Winter Soldier. Side action, everything is fine: the other issue was the introduction of two new superheroes called to be part of the Avengers and to have their film solo in the coming years. Black Panther leaves a mixed impression. Chadwick Boseman is a little stilted (his forced African accent does not help) and although supported by a strong scripting motivation, he takes second place. On the other hand, Spider-Man, main attraction of the trailer, is also the major interest of the film. The naughty awkwardness of 19-year-old Tom Holland is simply perfect and his introduction impeccable: after a scene where Tony Stark recruited Peter Parker into his teenage room, Spidey takes part in the big fight at the airport and the character is so intelligently defined by the

Family plot

The film’s political purpose is ultimately very weak. The scene where the Secretary of State Ross (appeared generally in The Incredible Hulk ) presents the agreements of Sokovie – or the setting of the Avengers by the UN – is not the trigger of a great civil war like promised him the promo. And it looks more like a meeting of scriptwriting executives Marvel studio on the mode “it’s been 8 years that the superhero movies go on the ball, you have to regulate . ” Civil Wardoes not divide the characters between government collaborators and super-libertarians. Iron Man is not the embodiment of the interests of the military-industrial complex. The cut between the two camps is less Manichean than expected. Captain America refuses to stand in the name of moral righteousness and freedom of choice, Iron Man accepts because he is tormented by the innocent deaths caused by the titanic battles of previous films. Both arguments stand. The idea of ​​the Sokovie agreements questions the two best superheroes of the MCU at the turn of the franchise: Iron Man / Downey JR. Will he put away the armor? Captain America is it not that an old relic released from a comic unable to to evolve in terms of dramaturgy? But this interesting break does not fill the weakness of the MCU in terms of writing bad guys since everything is orchestrated behind the scenes by the big bad Zemo (Daniel Brühl), with motivation as troubled as his accent. If the superheroes ofCivil War do not care, it’s in the name of the same drive: family revenge. Despite this tragic argument, the film does not benefit to clear the ranks. The body count is weak. The civil war is not very deadly. We hoped better. Civil War does not represent a twist so big and explosive as that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . The prologue of the film, set in 1991 and involving young Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr. rejuvenated in digital as Michael Douglas in Ant-Man) provides a small coded message that once again seems to complete an Iron Man story arc: after his resurrection in the Iron Head in 2008 (the parallel between RDJ and Tony Stark, old antiphon), Robert Downey Jr. may exorcise to be the year 1991 when he was shooting Richard Attenbourough’s Chaplin, a huge flop in theaters that made him miss the Oscar for Best Actor. However Civil War is not a movie with keys: what matters is explicitly on the screen. After the Avengers unbalance : The Ultron Era and the fun but banal Ant-Man , Civil War , though imperfect, represents the Disney / Marvel super-cinema at its best.

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