Even if we would like to be the BFF of Cardi B, we also need to have in our life his assistant to guide us!

“I just want to eat McDonald’s, it’s the simplest. “
” I will not buy you McDonalds! “
” Why? “
” Nooo, noon, noon, noon, no! “
” OMG did you fart, no! I will not buy you Mcdo! “

We already know that Cardi B farts can be a hell for those around her. She recently recounted her altercation with a passenger who had put her feet on her on the plane.

“And you know what I did? I just dropped a crate. I farted, besides I ate cheese. You’re angry ? Well everyone is angry now. Because I know that my fart stinks but you can not know who farted. This pet stunk so much! But she had nice toes anyway. “

But fart is not the only occupation Cardi B right now.

In addition to having a movie in the cinema and working on an album, Cardi will be participating in the first Netflix music competition : Rhythm + Flow. It will be released on October 9 and will see Chance The Rapper and TI and Cardi B as judges to find the next star of Hip-Hop.

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