The fans of Chace Crawford are thrilled: the one who played Nate Archibald would love to be part of the new version of Gossip Girl . In an interview with August Man , where he appears on the cover of September, the actor spoke of the restart of the series and his desire to be part of it.

“If there was a possibility in the future to make an appearance, I would certainly be open to that. This series was a big part of my life and was really special. I liked everyone from casting to the team. We were a real family. “ Said the actor.

Chace Crawford continued,

“I was in my early twenties, so it was like a long-time college experience swollen with New York as our shell. It was a really fun time, “ he said, adding that his new Amazon series , The Boys is ” my priority right now. “

The comedian however added that even though he would like to make an appearance, he has changed since his role as Nate.

“I feel like I have changed a lot. Men are always late; I know myself better since I was 30 years old. After the show ended, it took a while to understand what happened and what we all experienced. “  He said.

The actor had already mentioned his desire to return to the series when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen early August.

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