Charlotte Legault pays homage to Samuel Babineau

It was Charlotte Legault’s turn to fall in love with Samuel Babineau, this young self-taught singer who made us crack last season at La Voix. The actress, who had the chance to perform at the Festivent Ville de Lévis with Robby Johnson and her colleagues from District 31, paid tribute to the talent of her new friend in an Instagram publication, where can see the talented performer sing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

“Do you hear what he sang to us for a simple soundcheck? Samuel, you are remarkable, sensitive, touching and inspiring to see singing. A remarkable discovery this weekend. I wish you all a long life on stage … You will inspire people for a long time! Thanks for being you! ”

We understand it so much!

We hope to find Charlotte Legault in good condition in the third season of District 31, which will begin September 10 at 19h. His Miss BBQ role even earned him a nomination at the upcoming Gemini Awards Gala! Really, talent attracts other talents. Long live the Legault-Babineau friendship!

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