Ammika Harris is tired of her rumors of pregnancy. No, she is not pregnant with Chris Brown and has chosen Instagram to express herself on this subject. Inquisitr

magazine reported a rumor that the 26-year-old model was pregnant with the rapper’s second child. Last Tuesday, Instagram’s star model posted a highly commented photo by Breezy fans. Yet nothing to report: it can be seen in sports bra and jogging pants of the brand Fashion Nova . But it is precisely her flat stomach that has sparked a flood of comments , users wondering about when dating this photo, persuaded that she is actually pregnant.

Under the comment of a follower, she immediately wanted to put things in focus:

“This picture was taken yesterday. “

The young woman, who would come out with the hip-hop star from last year would be enough of the fuss surrounding his marriage. She had posted an Instagram Story in which she gave her opinion on the invasion of her private life.

“I grew up in a family where everyone took care of their business, respected the lives of others and showed their love continually. PLEASE, RESPECT THE MINE. She had written.

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