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Oh Come On
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Gerard Butler, the star of ‘300’, at the premiere of his latest movie ‘Rocknrolla’.

Late Christmas Goodies…
latest movies
The Christmas package from my brother arrived a little late, lots of nice goodies here… Thanks Mark!

I’m not sure about any operational status on them… I do know that the Bell & Howell movie camera still a reel of film inside it

from left to right

A) Kodak Brownie 8MM movie camera

B) Bell & Howell Two Fifty Two 8MM movie camera (kind of hiding)

C) Kodak Brownie Target Six-16 (1946/51)

D) Kodak Vigilant Junior Six-20 (1940/48)

E) Kodak Brownie Six-20 C (1952?)

F) Mansfield Holiday II 8MM movie camera

Another movie premiere
latest movies
Jim carrey’s latest, dick and jane

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