David Beckham may well have to face justice … for driving with his cell phone in his hand. Or two months after being caught for speeding.

The former footballer was spotted making a call from his Bentley on Oxford Street in London on November 21st. And in a city squared with remote surveillance cameras, hard to escape police control. The video tapes of the incident were also reported to the courts.

The sports star should appear before magistrates on March 19. In any case, he has three options: admit the misdemeanor by letter, appear before the court to challenge, or send his lawyer not to appear publicly during this hearing.

If he is convicted … he could lose six points on his license and have to pay € 2,300 fine, a sum certainly paltry for a personality with such a bank account!

This new accusation arrives two months after the lawyer of the star allowed him to escape justice following a speeding ticket last September in Paddington.

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