Starting September 4, MTV takes viewers into the world of the New York Mafia to discover its families with the new docu-reality Families of the Mafia.

Four families linked to organized crime in Staten Island (New York) have agreed to confide in and share their daily life. Despite a tumultuous past, today they want to change their lives. But it’s not easy to start from scratch when you have known the Mafia lifestyle … They will have to learn to manage their links with this environment while guiding, as best they can, their children towards a better future. Between tension and determination, will they manage to detach themselves from this universe and prevent their children from making the same mistakes?

Discover these atypical families now:

1 The Gravano

Karen is the daughter of mobster Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano, known for helping the FBI bring down John Gotti, godfather of one of the Five New York Mafia Families. In 2001, at only 29 years old, she was sentenced with her family for drug trafficking. Today Karen has distanced herself from this world and owns a pizzeria on Staten Island. More than anything, she wants to ensure a healthy future for her daughter Karina.

2 The O’Toole

Billy O’Toole has been involved in various Irish organized crime cases. Absent for most of his children’s lives, he is now trying to reconnect. Jessica, his ex-wife, holds the reins of the family and tries to guide her two children Joe and Taylor on the right path. But Joe seems more interested in his father’s activities than his future.

3 The Larocca

Gina has been convicted 3 times for possession and trafficking of cocaine. Today, she wants to make a clean sweep of the past in order to prevent her son Christian, who has already escaped prison for attempted murder, from following in her footsteps and to guarantee him a future.

4 The Augustines

Dennie decided to move back to live with his mother on Staten Island. Abandoned by her father when she was little, she grew up surrounded by families from the New York mafia. Her best friend is Karina Gravano.

An immersion in the heart of the mafia families of New York to follow exclusively on MTV every Friday at 8:50 p.m. from September 4.

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