Famous celebrities who faced trial in 2017


Ed Westwick in police custody for “rape”

Los Angeles police have opened an investigation into charges against British actor Ed Westwick of raping actress Kristina Cohen three years ago.
In details, the police confirmed she had received from Cohen, 27, a report that she was raped by 30-year-old Westwick at the house of one of their friends.
“I do not know this woman, I did not meet her in my life, nor did I force myself on any woman in my life, and certainly, I did not commit the crime of rape in her right,” he said.
Days later, another social networking girl, Aurélie Wynn, identified herself as an actress and model, claiming that Ed had raped her in 2014, when they were together with two friends in a large house rented by the star. When her requests were rejected, Land and raped her, as she put it.


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