“Fat Thor”: PETA suggests to Taika Waititi that the hammer god become vegan

In Avengers: Endgame, the comic book character appeared with a few extra pounds.

In Avengers: Endgame , Thor takes more from Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski than from the god of the hammer. With his paunchy belly, his big beard and his dubious hygiene, the Marvel hero interpreted by Chris Hemsworth very quickly inherited the nickname “Fat Thor” on the canvas, becoming at the same time a meme very shared on the networks. While Love and Thunder , the fourth installment in the Thor saga , is still being written, its director Taika Waititi still does not know if the iconic character will regain his slender form from the beginning. ” This is a debate that is still going on at Marvel,” he reveals in the columns of Indiewire .We’re still trying to figure out when the plot for the film takes place after Endgame. “

For its part, the association for the defense of animals PETA has its opinion on the matter. In an open letter addressed to the director of Jojo Rabbit , the association advises him to make his character lose weight by making him become vegan. ” Dear Taika, (…)We suggest that you follow Chris Hemsworth’s example and explore what would happen if Thor became vegan. According to his personal trainer, Hemsworth became vegan when he shot the first Thor and the first Avengers, developing a strong taste for beans and vegan burgers. Maybe if Thor borrowed the “Bifröst” to our world, he could take inspiration from plant avengers like Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) and Natalie Portman (Jane Foster). His armor would be more comfortable to wear. “

If the letter is not devoid of humor, PETA takes the opportunity to recall the ecological damage caused every day to allow people to be able to eat meat. ” If Thor really wants to protect the Earth, becoming vegan would make a lot of sense – no more eating animals could prevent the wasting of almost 4,000 liters of water, would significantly reduce CO2 emissions, would prevent 2 square meters of deforestation each day, and would save the lives of 200 animals in a year! ”

The association hopes to reach fans of Marvel studios in the heart. But for now, the director has remained silent at PETA’s request.

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