Fred-Eric Salvail and Frederique Proulx are expecting their first baby!

The Quebec showbiz will welcome a new offspring next winter! Comedian Fred-Eric Salvail and his wife, Frederique Proulx, candidate for Occupation Double in 2006, are expecting their first child after more than three years of love. The couple confirmed the happy news to, while they were on the red carpet of the Quebec Cinema Gala. Pregnant three months, Frederique should give birth in early December. A little sagittarius!

It was an emotional week for the couple: Frederique won an Iris Award at the Artisans Quebec Cinema Gala for the Best Distribution of Roles for The Mongol Kings, Luc Picard’s latest film. When Fred-Eric, we learned last week that he was one of 24 new couples who will compete in the gods of dance, with partner Emmanuelle Lussier-Martinez. The rehearsals have already started!

Congratulations to the lovers for this big news!

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