Gabrielle Destroismaisons is single

We hear less about Gabrielle Destroismaisons than at the beginning of her career, but that does not mean that the beautiful 35 years is not in 1001 projects! Crossed during the premiere of François Bellefeuille, the singer entrusted his activities of the moment to 7 Jours. In addition to being part of the Blue Suede Show and being in the process of developing her beauty business, she is undergoing major changes: “I’m living a new life right now, since I’m single recently. My ex and I have been together for 16 years, so that’s a change! I focus on me, and I’m happy. “

By cons, this wind of novelty does not rhyme with new album. The interpreter Et cetera is formal: his third opus, launched in 2004, was his last seen the decreasing success of his records. On the other hand, it does not close the door at all to possibly present new pieces to the public! There’s even a new song, Les chaussures gris, about a childhood memory that she says she’s been singing often lately. We hope to have the opportunity to listen to it soon!

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