This is the rumor that makes all Hollywood talk! After four years of marriage, George Clooney and Amal are on the verge of divorce …

These rumors in question, broadcast on the site RadarOnline , would suggest that after a violent dispute, the Lebanese lawyer would have taken refuge in their property. Sardinia with their two year old twins, Alexander and Ella

The American comedian and director, desperately trying to see them, would harass his beautiful texting … A source close to the two celebrities would have even said that she would categorically refuse to see him, and that, if he came, he would be forced to sleep in the house reserved for their guests.

Except that all this would be totally FALSE! The spokesman for the actor said that this is a “story invented from scratch”.

The jealous can therefore get dressed: no, there will be no divorce to 520 million dollars. The glamorous couple can not be in love anymore!

Nick Clooney and Nina Bruce Warren, parents of the Ocean’s Eleven performer , were even present to show their support for the beautiful nerd when she was awarded the trophy of the year at the United Nations Correspondents Associations Awards .

Happy in love and in their careers!

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