Godard considers his special Golden Palm as “a disaster”

“It was nice, but it was not necessary”

The Book image , the latest film by Jean-Luc Godard shown at Cannes last year, is available on until June 22, and will be broadcast on TV on April 24 at a special evening JLG, just after breathless . On this occasion, Inrocks are went to interview the Swiss Sphinx at his home in Rolle, near Lake Geneva. And they came back with a conversation river and exciting, where Godard, 88, ponders the news, psychoanalysis, love, reviewing, in bulk, the movements of yellow vests, the attack of Charlie Hebdo , the films of François Rufin, those of David Lynch, the death of Agnès Varda, The Redoutable, the advantages of Whatsapp compared to SMS, and his desire to film Natacha Polony and his ” little naughty look” . He also reacts to the special Palme d’Or awarded by the jury chaired by Cate Blanchett last year in Cannes. ” A disaster” , according to him:

” I wrote to Thierry Frémaux to tell him that it was a disaster . (…)Because when we give someone the second prize, we do not try to make them believe that it is the first. I think that made her angry. And then, I wrote him again to tell him that he should not take it badly, because according to Rilke a disaster is the first stanza of a love poem. I even did a little film on it programmed at the Vienna festival. We stayed there. You know, about Cannes, I had proposed, when the film was chosen in competition, that it be projected at the same time at the Directors ‘Fortnight, Critics’ Week and at Acid. Thierry did not want to. But hey, it was nice anyway to give me this Palm. The film was, it seems, appreciated by some members of the jury, especially Cate Blanchett, I believe. It was nice, but it was not necessary. “

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