Guy Nantel is once again controversial

Unsurprisingly, the controversy around SLAV continues to make a lot of sense, and it’s not much more surprising that Guy Nantel gets involved in the debate, attracting the wrath of Internet users. While the show was canceled by the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Betty Bonifassi earlier today, the comedian shared his opinion on the subject, saying the organization “is bowing to the grievances of paranos nonos of our society that sees racism everywhere. “

The man who was controversial in the fall because of a joke misplaced in his latest show, Our Rights and Freedoms, has returned from his social media break and continues to defend loudly what he sees as freedom. expression. Thus, he makes a mockery of the fact that whites are singled out for cultural appropriation by performing a show on the songs of African-American slaves: “Pis me I am karate for 12 years, imagine! My apologies to the Japanese for “cultural appropriation”. What a racist I am !!! “Ridiculous time, lost in its history and especially lost in its landmarks,” he concludes, triggering dozens of comments from users who sometimes support it, sometimes denounce his words.

Guy Nantel is not the only one to have reacted to the controversy, Richard Martineau has also let himself go on Twitter to put his two cents in the debate.

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