Kit Harington has finally answered the rumors of infidelity circulating for a while on the internet. According to a Russian model, Kit would have had an adventure with her well before their marriage.

A month ago, Olga Vlasova published several photos of a sleeping naked man beside a computer and explains that he is the actor of Game of Thrones.

She says that they met in Luxembourg and that they started to see each other regularly since that day. According to ET Canada , Kit denies everything in block:

“These allegations are completely false. He has never been to Luxembourg and does not know Olga Vlaslova. ”

Fans of the series know that Kit has just married with his partner on the screen after their engagement last year.

He has always been very proud of his love affair with Leslie and speaks openly about it in interviews, he even explained that the filming of the series was suspended so that everyone could go to their wedding. Speaking of when he fell in love during the filming of season 2:

“Because the country is beautiful, the northern lights are magical and because that’s where I fell in love. If you are attracted to someone and she embodies your partner in the series, it’s very easy to fall in love. ”

In September, Kit publicly stated that the series had given him “his future family and his life.

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