Immediate disembarkation: Medi Sadoun and Ary Abittan re-team after What have we done to the good Lord?

Director Philippe de Chauveron films “the world’s craziest fugitive”.

After What have we done to the good Lord?  (2014) and before filming With open arms (2017) with Christian Clavier , Philippe de Chauveron directed for the summer of 2016  Immediate landing , a comedy carried by two actors at the heart of his enormous success: Medi Sadoun  and  Ary Abittan . The first plays “the most crappy fugitive in the world”  and the second is a policeman who is responsible for monitoring him, at first sight not very talented either. “A cop, a ball, a mission that slips” promised the poster:

Unlike its predecessor, which had attracted more than 12 million spectators to the cinema, Immediate landing went a little unnoticed by registering around 400,000 tickets. However, it should find a new audience this evening, when it is rebroadcast on TF1. Note that since this buddy movie, the director and his actors have shot the sequel to What did we do to the good Lord? , released in early 2019, which was a hit, especially abroad : seen by 6.5 million people in France, it brought in 23 million euros outside our territory.

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