Jack Ryan Becomes the AARP's Latest Poster Boy

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Jack Ryan Becomes the AARP's Latest Poster Boy
When trailers for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit first appeared last year, it seemed pretty clear that Paramount (VIA) was striving to bring a once-classic movie series up to date. Here was the late Tom Clancy's classic spy hero, made popular onscreen by …
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'Gravity' soars to top of best-reviewed movies of 2013
New TV shows: The Returned: Season 1. Returning TV shows: Breaking Bad: Season 5. Top British film: 56 Up. Top Australian Film: The Rocket. Movie genres. Action/adventure: Gravity. Animation: Frozen. Comedy: American Hustle. Comic book: Iron Man 3.
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Goings On About Town
As Billy attracts new models for his work, the movie audaciously displays the fantasies—and, perhaps, the realities—that these women, too, are pursuing.—R.B. (IFC Center.) The Wolf of Wall Street. Martin Scorsese's three-hour burlesque of loathsome, …
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