JAMIE DORNAN -50 shades of grey

My heart beats. My legs are pure gelatin. I am a trembling mess UN. Christian Grey and sitting in front of me.

And “so beautiful, and boring. His hair is tangled. Her eyes are gray steel fire zone.

Oh my. I swallow my Diet Coke convulsively. What’s happening? What will you do now?

His long fingers reaching for the cheese. I opened my mouth and scarlet Chorizo ​​and Manchego batteries come in crusty bread. “Mmmm,” he said.

She looks at me with eyes full of unfathomable questions.

Holy cow. More would be erotic?

“It’s mustard?” He asks.

My heart beats faster. The blood roaring in his ears. I go into cardiac arrest.

Okay, so this is not really And Christian Grey. CE Jamie Dornan, the 32-year-old Irish actor plays millionaire What temperament The film Next fifty gray tones. And we’re not in a cabin in the middle of a forest. After lunch in the dining room at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

But still. The carved features. The chiseled body. The melting heart charm. And intense, fiery gray eyes.

Oh, shit twice. Oh, shit triples.

“Go you can imagine, Christian Grey merger felt almost impossible,” said Sam Taylor-Wood, glamor, plum said British director Che bar the film adaptation of the hit erotic novel EL James. “Charismatic, successful, powerful. On the page you are viewing a fantastic total. And the need to limit the possibilities state, maybe three people in the world.” And yes, when Charlie Hunnam, the first choice for Christian filmmakers, the abandonment of the project shortly after the State and discarded and replaced by Dornan, Fifty Shades fans come purred A crowd of students spanking. The trend began #NotMyChristian hashtag on twitter. Even the release of trailer full steam UN ê did not allay the fears irreducible What Dornan-old model -Bed child’s face Calvin Klein whose credits include the series ABC fairytale Once upon a time, too charming to attach a. “Fifty Shades of Grey” NSAIDs Masochists disappointment TRAILER, proclaimed as the United Nations.

But gray groupies should put your big girl panties. Jamie Dornan has achieved this goal. “Come actor and incredibly versatile and competent,” Taylor-Wood “he said. It should be noted the variety of darkness and vulnerability. If it must be adorable puppy UN and the UN cute puppy. But if I have to be dark and dangerous, dark and dangerous. I think people will be surprised to see what it is capable. ”

“GREY-SE Christian and not a real person. This is a superhero myth. Is Bigfoot” Dornan DIT. “IL No player in the world that could live up to Bon Voyage”.
E Dornan Outside Belfast born in 1982. His father, an eminent obstetrician UN, his mother a nurse Che died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 16 after getting short periods are the United Nations musician, player UN rugby, actor and amateur, he left school and became the Model United Nations blockbuster, nicknamed “the pot of gold” by the New York Times. In 2005, Keira Knightley as the bride entered Dornan your agent and made the leap to the big screen, Count Axel Fersen seductive game Sofia Coppola Marie Antoinette.

Fifty Shades, but the role of the UN and the triple axel. “I wonder what’s in this series of books, excuse my pun walk in the global market,” he said in his wheat Irish accent. “What is in harmony with So What do women want?”

This allows some Brawn. “I think many people are trying to undermine everything,” he said. “But it’s hard to undermine the UN and some history of success. Mass rating is not always synonymous with something good. Remember Hitler! But I think in this case it should be. It’s that simple. It should be the proper credit for many people UN agreement. ”

Dornan, who lives in London with his wife and daughter for years, and Los Angeles for a couple of days; jet soon be a French thriller Vancouver Turn It supernatural Director Alexandre Aja UN Life of Louis Drax called Nono.

Though incredibly beautiful, and states fighting shoulder problems, and posture regarding focuses on the cheese plate and a little bent and Uriah Heep-ish. No style costume custom Christian Grey for him this morning; cultivated dirty beard Louis Drax and has Raglan Baseball UN, jeans, sneakers and all courtesy of Nike. “I’m Funny People,” Dornan said. “They said, ‘Hey, we want some give advice.” And I said, “I’m fine with that.” So Venuti yesterday. I notice such things. And this morning, I thought: Hey, I got this. And “clean. Long live all in one bag this week, then E perfect.”? Dornan and an ambassador for the Nike brand “No work”, “Speaking of them But look at me. I’m here, all equipped.. Everybody wins,” he said.

“We had to go to some very strange places and things that are not subject rates was the first in the film, maybe not commercial,” says co-star Dakota Johnson Dornan. “So we now need to support each other and be very, very kind and caring”.

Not everything was kind of Los Angeles. “The other day, this woman is Venuto and started yelling, Matt Bomer and True Christian Grey,” Dornan said. “And I came to, uh, ok.”

Drinking espresso, puzzled. “I mean, even if you start Matt Bomer, or Alexander Skarsgård, or Charlie Hunnam, or one of the other guys who are just doing our best, you know Christian Grey is not a real person. This is a superhero myth. And they are! No Bigfoot ‘is amazing. It is inaccessible. “IL No player in the world that could live up to Bon Voyage.

But Dornan and being too hard on yourself. Of course, Christian Grey and God UN sex that feels Body Wash Cher, driving an Audi R8 Spyder for hatching and E at the top of the crazy fantasy community of the United Nations, including communication technologies, eco- production “, the rotation of advanced cultures.” Of course, there Virtually all the money in the world, has a range of, and also happens to be the state of the art “the epitome of male beauty,” According to Anastasia Steele, bulging eyes Orgasmatron covers the role and researchers Secretary. And yes, read Thomas Hardy, cranks Renaissance madrigals, and muttering vague propaganda Darfur and sustainability. But if one wants to anoint the sex symbol of a thinking woman, and much That Mr. Dornan Control Freak in the dust. Who can resist a bomb in Northern Ireland, Che collected at the end of the period of Elvis memorabilia, starred in a popular band, and read all the novels of Paul Auster? “His wife and a great writer came well” Next Dornan said. “Siri Hustvedt … Which two waves, you should be! That’s what he wants to dinner both.”

Chiseled abs and existential fiction? Dreaming! The question is not so Dornan UN-Martinet play Nutcake Wiedling but whether the paper will be worth the UN disillusioned actor, scholar and moving. Surely this great man deserves more respect Lines Fifty shades of blue plate special. “I am fully aware that a dark path and I lead you down” “Why not SafeWord, Anastasia?” And so on, deep red sunset.

There are words of assurance about Paul Spector, the serial murderer in Dornan now play for the BBC Two series The Fall. Day, Spector grief counselor gently; night sadistic murderer UN women for sexual motivation. “My last job, I found Interpretation of characters that are not exactly Mr. pleasure,” Dornan said in the understatement of the year. “You know, I’m not Steve Martin would like to serve on the 80”.

On the positive side, the actor and the level of states will use their time teen come A competitive sailor. “California,” he said. “I can do a little. I do not know if you’ve seen the fall, I attach great women. This year we had maybe a week off between packet Fifty Shades and beginning of the second season of The Fall. That was seven months consecutive state monopolize women. I think I have a comedy Next. ”

Dornan began filming Fifty Shades of November 2013, three days after his wife, singer-songwriter Amelia Warner, gave birth to her first child Them. Instead of savoring the joys of new fatherhood, had to kiss his wife goodbye six head the whole Dakota Johnson with lashes of the whip of the UN. “Y” crazy time status of the United Nations, “Dornan said,” crazy “Taylor-Wood said.” Come One can imagine, and the state make difficult scenes for me, and for But if this state and possible thanks to Jamie and Dakota One of them fought, the other would do .. I tried to lift the minute with the dynamism and lightness “rejects .. Taylor-Wood chemical rumors among their deaf child “Chemistry, see what and there, and appropriate” Johnson says: “I think [the sex scenes] are very sexy. People will be very happy. “He pauses.” God, I hope. Or have a giant chess board in our hands! ”

If the flat file Fifty Shades Dornan in the stars first, spend all those hours in the salt mines Sono Stati psychosexual pain. “Every actor aspires Choice,” he said. “It seems Cinema UN election element Hazme After what I do, and I find it very liberating.”

“I am very impressed with Jamie,” she said Marcia Gay Harden, who plays the mother of Christian, Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey. “I admire the courage to come amazing actor, taking the super intimate material that is very well known, where there will be many opinions on what to do next, and just take it all in stride.” See Dornan still Brad Pitt career arc. “Brad and Jamie are both exquisitely beautiful. And why are exquisitely beautiful, some people might be dismissive of them. But Brad was the idol of the United Nations who wanted Transformer transformed. Will Jamie”.

At the same time, he said, fans of Fifty Shades should sit and enjoy the pleasure for the eyes. .. “Allows treats sexual fantasy hundreds of millions of women is provided in the UN Leen Christian and Anastasia things he imagined a fee for the same things now E Question: Who voudriez- This does not send a person could ever meet fantasies of all. ”

Giro Harden. “But I think Jamie the truth shall meet.”

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