Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she definitely sees children in her future after rumor has it that she secretly met ex Brad Pitt. 

A post shared by Jennifer Aniston (@jenniferaniston) on Nov 8, 2019 at 8:17 am PSTOn the occasion of a photoshoot for his 51 years for Interview magazine, the star was interviewed by his girlfriend Sandra Bullock.

On the menu: her ex-husband Justin Theroux, being an aging woman in the film industry and … children!

Sandra asked Jennifer to consider her future and think about what she wanted to go through. And these are kids Jen wants, explaining that she sees kids running around in the future in a “happy snap.”

“It’s not so much what I see myself doing,” she explained.

“But it’s more like a little screenshot in my brain, where I hear the ocean, I see the ocean, I hear laughter, I see children running, I hear ice in a glass, I smell the cooked food.

“It’s the happy snapshot in my head.”

Because although Jen is currently single , she has always maintained that one day she wants children.

With Brad Pitt? After their very friendly reunion which was pictured at the Screen Actor’s Guild last month, and it was reported shortly after that the former married couple met shortly after…

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