Jennifer Lawrence would have married! The actress was spotted with her fiance Cooke Maroney at the New York State Registry Office last Monday.

Photos published in Page Six magazine show the couple all happy, Jennifer with a pair of sunglasses on the nose and a gray blazer. The two lovers were accompanied that day by a friend, a photographer and two agents for their safety.

The photographer in question is not anyone because it is Mark Seliger, recognized in the profession for having worked for prestigious magazines such as Vanity Fair or GQ and with the biggest stars, like Jennifer Lopez as we can see it on his Instagram account .

J-Law and art dealer Cooke Maroney were engaged in February last few months after their meeting, and tried to remain discreet since. And the wedding was not in his plans at first … before changing.

“I was not at a time when I was thinking ‘I’m ready to get married’. I just met Cooke, and wanted to marry her. “ She explained in a podcast last June.“We wanted to get married. To commit completely. And you know, he’s my best friend. I am very honored to become a Maroney. “

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