Joker: Joaquin Phoenix gets angry during an interview questioning the film’s incitement to violence

The actor playing the villain of Batman did not like the interrogations of the Telegraph.

We know, do not get too excited Joaquin Phoenix during his promotional tour. Our colleagues from Konbini had paid the price, the actor refused to bow to the famous Fast & Curious , and Laurent Weil witnessed an impromptu departure from Phoenix during an interview. Recently, The Telegraph has rubbed the actor’s fiery temperament. ComicBookReview informs us that the interpreter of the Joker would be pissed off during a promo talk around the film signed Todd Philipps . The reason ? A sensitive question, in the eyes of the actor, on the incitement to violence in real life that could provoke Joker. Joaquin Phoenix stopped the interview and left the room before Warner Bros. press attaches can calm the actor and make him resume the interview. However, he did not answer this question, which ComicBookReview and Telegraph reporter Robbie Collin said were out of place.

This is not the first time that a film is questioned about its violence and the impact it can have on fragile or unstable people likely to reproduce the fictional acts seen on the screen. In the early 1970s, for example, in England, gangs of young people formed after Stanley Kubrick’s film , Orange Mécanique . Dressed like the Droogs, the iconic gang members of Alex DeLarge, antihero film gang gangs had reproduced some scenes of the film including the aggression of the tramp, attacking real homeless. In 2012, in the small town of Aurora, in the United States, on the night of July 19 to 20, James Eagan Holmes, 24, disguised as a Joker, opens fire during a preview ofThe Dark Knight Rises instantly killing twelve people. Admittedly, at the sight of this specific case, the question of The Telegraph seems legitimate. However, it would be too easy to point the finger at the cinema as inspiration or responsible for acts of violence in meetings or mass killings. Especially at Uncle Sam where the NRA (powerful arms lobby) has some five million members.

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