Justice League: Will Batman die in the movie?

A rumor announces the death of an important character in Justice League. More new photos.

This is a rumor that will speak if it is true. A few months before the release of Justice League, many questions arise about the events of the film. For example, if it is obvious that Superman will come back, no one knows yet how, since it is no longer a secret that the latter – such as “Djisus” – will undergo a resurrection.

Another question is appearing as a rumor spreads about the possible death of an important character.

Before diving in, here are new pictures of the main characters, including Superman.



According to Cosmic Book News, a youtubeur named Chris Harwell would have seen images during the Comic Con last month. According to the site, a member of the Justice League could die and this member is: Batman.

In these images, members of the Justice League seem to carry a casket. If at first it is presumed that it is the coffin of Superman, Batman is not present in the photos. However, one of the pictures would show Clark Kent dead but it would be a supposition of the youtubeur because he was wearing a suit.

For Comic Book News, it could be Batman because he is completely absent from the images. Indeed, only Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg are visible. It is also reported that Superman would be the antagonist in the film. He would be so against them.

It must be kept in mind that these are rumors. In addition, Joss Whedon is in full reshoots and events could change. But the death of the character is possible because it would give the opportunity to Ben Affleck to detach from the role.

The rumors of the possible departure of Affleck circulate since months, nevertheless, the actor has recently affirmed that it would be well present in the solo film. If he dies in Justice League, maybe the actor plays the game and lies on the movie. Knowing that the Flashpoint movie is in development and could be an opportunity to bring a new Batman, the disappearance of Ben Affleck’s version is not unlikely.

This remains speculation. It will be necessary to wait for the film’s release on November 15 to find out what is happening to Barman.

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