Kaamelott actor says he toured with Sting without knowing who he was

“I do not know at all who it is but I find him sympathetic”, still remembers François Rollin, back to play Loth of Orcanie in the film.

The release of Kaamelott: Premier Volet , it is for today in the dark rooms. And if 200,000 fans have already had a good time in the last few hours during the previews, it was also the case for the band on the set.

François Rollin , who resumes his role of Loth d’Orcanie in the film, told a few days ago on France Inter a funny anecdote involving his comrade Antoine de Caunes (Dagonet) and the singer Sting , former leader of the group Police, cast. by Alexandre Astier to play Horsa in Kaamelott: Premier Volet.

“I’m going to shoot, with a light heart, always with enthusiasm since it’s always nice to shoot with Alexandre (Astier). At lunch, I am at the same table as Antoine (de Caunes). Seems extremely friendly. He speaks English to me! I’m not very conversational. I can’t. But from what I see and what I feel is that this guy represents something! I do not know at all who it is but I find it sympathetic “ , tells François Rollin at the microphone of Popopop, the emission of Caunes and Charline Roux.

He goes on to explain that a few minutes later, at the coffee machine, ” I wave to Antoine asking him: ‘Who is this guy?’ Antoine bursts out laughing, saying: ‘Stop making fun of Me! It’s Sting! I didn’t know who it was. But I still understood that it was someone very famous that I could not recognize! It’s a very pleasant feeling! This guy whose songs I don’t know or anything at all … I was just having a canteen meal with him and I found him delicious! “

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