In April 2011, Kate Middleton married Prince William and became Duchess of Cambridge . Since then, she has been known as a devoted wife and mother to her family, immersed in her role as model and for the humanitarian causes she defends, and literally perfect at each of her appearances.

But before becoming part of the royal family and becoming an icon, who was and what did Kate Middleton do?

1 A boss

After graduating from the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland, Kate worked for Jigsaw , specializing in accessories and luxury clothing. A simple girl who spoke with all employees remembers the manager …

In November 2007, she left the group to work with her parents in their company specializing in events, Party Pieces , before launching First Birthdays , a branch of the brand family.

2 A big loving sister

After college, Kate moved with her sister Pippa to an apartment on Old Church Street in London’s upscale Chelsea district, a luxury property purchased by their parents, Carole and Michael Middleton. Pippa continued to live there with her brother James long after the wedding of Kate and William. She lives today with her fiancé James Matthews nearby.

3 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Kate was like all girls her age : she enjoyed going out for a drink with her friends. With a nice budget though. From fashionable London locations to charity events, Kate was a girl like any other in a very affluent environment …

4 Always with his man

At 25, Kate opened the door of her apartment and discovered about thirty paparazzi and journalist waiting for him, which annoyed Prince William who did not want her to be harassed. But she has always wanted to be at his side , appearing at his polo matches or the various events of the family.

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