Kate Upton accuses Guess founder of sexual harassment

Internationally renowned fashion model Kate Upton delivered a troubling testimony, accusing one of the founders of the Guess brand, Paul Marciano, of having sexually harassed her while she was making her debut as a model. In an interview with Time, Kate remembers her first meeting with Paul, when they had to discuss a shoot for which she had been hired. She was only 18 years old.

“As soon as I entered with photographer Yu Tsai, Paul stood in front of me, grabbed my breasts and started to feel them – to play with, rather. After repelling him, he told me that he “wanted to make sure they were true,” she says. Famous fashion photographer Yu Tsai confirmed that he witnessed the model’s harassment and corroborated the details of this horrible story.

“After doing everything in my power to prevent him from touching me during our interview,” she continues, “he continued to touch me in a very dominant and aggressive way, taking my thighs, arms, or shoulders to pull me towards him, gripping my neck, my breasts, or starting to feel. He then asked Yu Tsai to leave us alone. I was able to quickly text Yu Tsai to tell him to stay. What he did, but it did not stop Paul from touching me. I was extremely shaken, surprised and scared. “

The one that was made famous thanks to her coveted covers for the Sports Illustrated also remembers how he began to kiss her forcibly, a gesture she tried to escape despite the fear of even opening her mouth during this aggression, or to send out the co-founder of Guess.

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In the aftermath of this affair, Paul Marciano would have harassed Kate all the time, to the point where she had to start writing to Yu Tsai so that she was not alone with him. After many times declining to get into his hotel room, Kate would have been fired from the shoot for which she had been hired.

Marciano would have continued to use his services, using threats and aggressive manipulation so that she could not refuse to contact him, otherwise his contracts would be canceled.

The co-founder denied the allegations en bloc: “I never touched her inappropriately. Just as I would never treat a mannequin for Guess in such a degrading way, he said in a statement to the daily. I am fully in favor of the #MoiAussi movement. At the same time, I will not allow people to defame my name and tarnish my reputation. I am committed to Guess and its board of directors to cooperate to ensure a fair and impartial investigation. “

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