Katy Perry has two big news to announce: she is pregnant and will be releasing a new album!

“Not only will I … literally but figuratively give birth to something you’ve been waiting for. “

The singer is pregnant with her first child!

And she also has an album that will be released soon. Katy showed off her mom’s belly in her latest clip Never Worn White . She confirmed the news on Instagram after the release of her clip.

“So I kill two birds with one stone, let’s say. Two for the price of one. “

She also explained that she and Orlando were super excited to start a family.

“Thank you very much, I can’t wait. I look forward. We can’t wait and we’re happy and … it’s the secret that I kept the longest I think and I love to tell you everything. But I knew I wanted to tell you in the best way so by releasing a song because that’s how it is …

I think that’s how we communicate. This is how we talk to you and me. “

Katy also joked to be happy not having to hide her belly.

“OMG, I’m so happy to have to tuck in my stomach or carry a big mdr bag. »

Congratulations Katy and Orlando!

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