Very hormonal and exceedingly moody, Kim is falling apart under the pressures of a ever-increasing waist and the unforgiving eye of the camera. Life is not looking very worthy of reality TV for the reality TV star. She arrived yesterday at LAX and was immediately surrounded by a bunch of eager photographers and journalists.

She ended up barely making it to her car and covering her face up she was highly irritated by all the attention. The photographers being true to their calling opened up the car door to get better pictures she yelled: “Shut the f***ing door, you idiots!” Hmmmm, not a nice way to treat the very people whose hard work you feed off, but hey, in her favor, she is pregnant.




You can also put her annoyance down to the fact that earlier this month Kanye West was distracted beyond reason due to paparazzi attention, and walked into a pole. Kim herself nearly suffered a car crash due to the same. So, as they say too much of a good thing is bad and Kim is learning that these days, the hard way.

With her filmed baby shower just around the corner, emotions are definitely the flavor of the day. She has finally convinced Kanye to put in a cameo appearance at the event, for appearance purposes. He is reported to be highly uncomfortable about the whole thing but is doing it because it seems important to his lady.

So tough being a reality TV star and having to live a real life too!



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