Kim Rusk confides on his love at first sight

Just a year ago, Kim Rusk announced his heartbreaking break with Jean-Sébastien Chouinard, the Respectables guitarist. It had been a hard blow for her, who had since put the soft pedal on his love ambitions, the time to meet and spend time with family and friends.

But love has come as a nice surprise in the life of the 34-year-old, who has been in a relationship with the handsome Jérémie Capony since last year: “Love has come again in my life, at a time when I did not expect it at all. After the end of my last long relationship, I took time for myself, to be with my family, my friends. Then at some point, I felt ready in my head and my heart, to date. Far be it from me to fall in love. One evening, after a dinner with a girlfriend, we went out in an event, and my eyes crossed that of Jeremiah Capony. He came to talk to me, and we never gave up, “she told 7 Jours magazine.

In addition to her adorable sweetheart, Kim also had the chance to fall in love a second time by meeting the daughter of her three-year-old husband: “I fell in love with Jeremie and fell in love with him. for the beautiful Tifanny, the moment I met her. She is sociable, voluble, lit. She and I clicked instantly. Naturally, we took care to go step by step. When a child is involved, nothing should be rushed. So to protect me, and to protect the little one, we took our time. In the past, I was five years in relationship with a guy who had two children. When we separated, it was extremely difficult. I had to compose not only with a break in love, but also with the pain of not seeing again the children to whom I had been very attached. “

We are so happy for her! And the year 2018 promises to be just as professionally fulfilled: in addition to animate The beautiful gang, from Monday to Thursday at 18h at Canal Vie, we can also hear Kim in The Return of the Fantastic on the waves of Red, to 16h those same days. The beautiful host is also a proud ambassador of the I Love ADHD Foundation. Really, nothing is proof of its charm!

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