A graduate student from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign recently discovered a new insect and simply chose to give it a name inspired by the pop star.

A new species of Membracidae, a group of insects related to cicadas and leafhoppers, was discovered near the Pacific coast of Nicaragua… and is now called Kaikaia Gaga.

Brendan Morris found the insect by browsing about 1,000 leafhoppers at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh for research. The female, Kaikaia Gaga, had unique characteristics that distinguished her from the others.

“If there were to be a Lady Gaga insect, it would be this leafhopper, because it has crazy horns and a zany fashion sense. “ Said Brendan Morris Illinois News Bureau, which reported the news.

“They’re unlike anything you’ve seen before. “

This insect is not the first species to carry the name of a famous musician: last month, a crustacean of large fund was named in honor of Metallica and is now known as the Macrostylis Metallicola. In 2017, Synalpheus Pinkfloydi shrimp was named after, you guessed it, Pink Floyd.

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