Ludivine Reding, Adib Alkhalidey and Julien Lacroix at the Rousseau Show

Another great week awaits us at the Show of Rousseau with a crowd of exciting guests!

On Monday, we will start on a high note with the fourth Dog Day , of which Stephane Rousseau is the spokesperson , which will help raise funds for Mira . Ludivine Reding will take the opportunity to talk about another kind of canine by returning to his role in the film Wolfe , while Guillaume Pineault will propose a stand-up number . Tuesday, it is Jonas who will give a performance in duet with our favorite animator-humorist before Adib Alkhalidey and Julien Lacroix do not come on the set to talk about their first feature film.

On Wednesday, we will learn how much money has been raised for Mira, then the French humorist Michel Boujenah will be on the show. Then place Dominic Arpin before another visit to Zaza . We will conclude the week Thursday with Christian Begin , who will celebrate the 10 years of Curieux Begin , and the Three chords that will grow the song.

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