Malignant: the terrifying trailer for James Wan’s new horror film

He’s evil incarnate … and he’s seriously going to keep you awake after the holidays!

When it is not 20,000 leagues under the sea to film the adventures of Aquaman , James Wan rediscovers with delight his love of always: the horror cinema! The director of the first Saw , to whom we also owe the Conjuring saga and the terrifying Insidious , is back with a brand new film to make you have nightmares. It will be called Malignant and the trailer already promises something terrifying.

Warner Bros. presents the film as a ” horror thriller “, in which we will follow ” Madison, a woman petrified by nightmarish visions of gruesome murders. And her ordeal only gets worse when she realizes that her hallucinations correspond to reality …”

In the cast, we will find Annabelle Wallis ( Annabelle ), Maddie Hasson (I mpulse, Mr Mercedes ), George Young ( Contagion Alert ), Michole Briana White ( Black Mafia Family , Dead To Me ). The screenplay is by Akela Cooper (The Nun 2 ) based on an original story by James Wan , Ingrid Bisu and Akela Cooper.

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