Margot Robbie promises “totally different” Barbie movie than you might imagine

“Something you didn’t know you wanted”

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter  on her production company, LuckyChap, Margot Robbie spoke about the movie Barbie , in development for almost two years. “  With this franchise, the name itself, people immediately have a preconceived idea: ‘Oh, Margot is going to play Barbie, I can see what it’s going to be. But our goal is different: ‘Whatever you imagine, we are going to give you something totally different. Something you didn’t know you wanted,  ”says the star. “  Now the question is, can we bring credit to the franchise and the fan base while surprising people? Because if we manage to do all that and generate an intelligent conversation, we are really on all fronts “.

Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig will be scripting Barbie, and Margot Robbie’s partner Josey McNamara promises the duo have managed to ”  subvert  ” the film, which is the production company’s ”  Mount Everest  “. The presence of Baumbach and Gerwig is rather reassuring: it is hard to imagine them writing a low script on the forehead. At the moment, Barbie does not have a shooting date let alone a release date.

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