Mediametrie can analyze the emotions of the spectators in front of a film

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can now determine the reactions of the public at all times of a film.

Welcome to the future … In a press release published on July 11, Médiamétrie stated that it can measure the emotion of the spectators in front of a film. The French company, which specializes in audience measurement and the use of audiovisual and digital media, has called on a start-up working on artificial intelligence, Datakalab, to collect and analyze the emotional data of spectators and French internet users.

In May and June 2019, 900 individuals accepted to participate in the program: their faces were filmed by the webcam of their computer while they watched trailers of films of three kinds: comedy, animation and action. The reactions were recorded by the camera and analyzed as curves. The device was also applied to the audience of a movie theater during a screening in Paris.

“These data support and emotional detail the data we collect spectators in our studies ”  says Marine Boulanger, Director of the Pole Movies & Entertainment Médiamétrie. She explains that the device can ” provide an even more concrete answer on the attractiveness and potential of a film, or the effectiveness of a trailer. “

The announced objective is clear: to give new indications to the professionals of the cinema and the communication to optimize the marketing campaign of a film and its reception. Montage, trailer, advertising: the Médiamétrie device could have a positive impact on all media.

The risk of locking oneself into predefined patterns, and losing the creativity of editing a movie to focus on a recipe that works, was not mentioned by the company. His main concern remains the battle of attention. If in 2000 the average user’s attention in front of a video was 12 seconds according to Ipsos , it has since increased to 8. For Marine Boulanger, this duration is the main factor to take into account: ” The battle of attention around video content is becoming stronger. trade issues related to the film become central and it is essential to offer the best possible content, ensuring its effectiveness. “

Xavier Fischer, director of Datakalab, says: ” All of Médiamétrie’s expertise in cinema enables us to create the most suitable product for this market and make the most of our technology. “

There is no doubt that French filmmakers will be delighted to help create profitable products as well, rather than to express themselves in works of the seventh art …

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